The color blue is a safe bet for the elegant dresses, which can lead to any party or wedding. Pronovias also seems to have the same idea and that is why we discover how its new collection has a hue so flattering.

It is said that the blue represents tranquility and our senses to breathe peace and harmony. On this basis, we know that if we choose these elegant dresses in color and also in its various shades, we will be right in our party look.

pronovias dresses

Elegant long dresses in royal or klein blue
When we close a special event where you can wear this type of clothing, we always think of the basic colors such as black. Of course, this will be a great success and an ideal choice for the wedding night, but can also be driven by the blue color and its various shades. One of the most sophisticated and flattering is the Royal or klein.

It is an intense shade and may also vary slightly depending on what type of fabric we see it. On the one hand, to dress the most stylish costumes, the mixture of tulle or chiffon with lace was swift. Today’s fantasy and tattoo effect necklines come together in this kind of dresses are in tune with its main color, but quite the opposite. Still it is more intense beauty and style.

So it is not surprising that such a choice is adequate. If you prefer a minimalist which leaves behind the embroidery and semi-transparent fabrics Pronovias also has ideas for you. Simplicity and delicate fabrics combine to create a style in blue very proper of the best finery.

As we know that blue is one of them that suit us best to all women, now only remains to be search the workmanship of the dress that complete it. Of course, when we talk about a type of skirts with some volume from the hip, we think all of us that we prefer not to wear a tight dress. This way, we will hide both the zone of the belly and the proper hip.

On the other hand, if you prefer to delineate and mark your curves, the mermaid cut certainly be your greatest allies. Of course inside it and today our protagonist color, you can choose the type of tissue. While remaining a little in the background, still they have high demand satin and allow us to finish with more shine in a very sophisticated bluish tone.

Prom dresses in light or scuba blue
Within the light colors are there in the blue we can find in turquoise shades or the star of last summer, Scuba Blue. A look towards the most transparent sea that gives us the option to fill our style of beauty. As we see, it is a clear and youthful tone.

pronovias dresses

As already is a color that covers all the limelight, we have opted for these examples of Prom dresses that don’t need more than a few delicate to be the most beautiful fabrics. The firm proposes options such as surround envelopes effect dresses or those who have an opening in the legs. These details and let your choice.

Short dresses in shades of blue
If the gowns have extreme elegance, the short dresses will not be left behind. From royal blue to turquoise or Scuba blue but always with modern forms. Today, a short dress is a great choice for all the wedding guests and not only those which are held in the morning, but also in the afternoon.

pronovias dresses

Yes, it is always best to opt for simple dresses, with heavy doses of elegance but without falling into the ornate effect. Hence, we can opt for glossy or tissues, those with some detail in the form of stones. When we delight ourselves with this last option, we have to think that supplements should be even simpler.

But surely all this needless, seeing that by itself, the blue has a great success. If you’re tired of black or red and other colors, remember that it is always willing to help you in your choice.

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