12 tips to make your leather bag last forever

leather bag last forever

Keeping leather shoulder bag with proper maintenance is important, as it helps to extend your time of use and show off in perfect condition. You have done it: you have saved for a long time or you have been lucky to have been given that bag with which you have been dreaming for so long. A luxury bag and great ...

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How to choose the perfect bag?

choose perfect bag

Do you know which bag is right for your type of silhouette? The shape, color and size are the three most important things to buy a personalized fashion bag. Next we explain everything to you, since the choice of the bag will also depend on the use that will be given. Diary bag It can be of different sizes (depending ...

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Building Block bags

building block bags

Every season new fashion and accessories brands willing to become a favorite of it girls, bloggers are and famous. And the Building Block bags are among the brands to sign and monitor because they are already giving a lot to talk about. Read on to find out what is special about these complements! If you are looking for a unique ...

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Star garment: Fendi Peekaboo bag

Fendi Peekaboo bag

We all like to wear a comfortable bag and cool. And the famous, bloggers and the girls know how to do it. One of the emblematic bags from the world of fashion is Fendi Peekaboo bag, available in various formats and designs. The famous not have been able to resist this iconic Italian brand, a pledge of more sophisticated and ...

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Jute bag with wooden handles

Jute bags

Jute bags are part of a trend of modern fashion, based on the Green movement and an increasingly important environmental message. The jute bags with wooden handles where both jute and wood accentuate each other. The dense texture of the wooden meshes with good taste with the resistance, yet soft and earthy tones of jute, jute bags with wooden handles ...

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How to combine a white clutch? Top tips!

combine white clutch

We love accessories undoubtedly completely change the outfit. At present there is fashionable clutch, handbags model showing a particular elegance. If you’ve bought a white clutch, in this post you will find the necessary tips to carry it with style. Pay attention! White Clutch: Elegance and glamour Then came the weekend and we found the perfect outfit but almost never ...

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Attach star: Moschino bag

Moschino bag

We can not avoid it, when a complement of a recognized fashion brand brings to market an ornament like no other; we have to have it in our closet. Although a priori it may seem that no fault at all with the rest of our clothes and we will not take advantage, we often come to realize that fashion is ...

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What bags carry this season?

bags carry

If there is something that we must carry on our day to day, that’s the bag. No matter its shape, regardless of color, regardless of everything that has to do with its structure or appearance, it certainly is something that we can not be missed that we can not leave at home. Therefore, it is necessary to always be attentive ...

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Find the perfect clutch bags

perfect clutch bags

Although a few years ago we looked uncomfortable, impractical, and for use only on special occasions, we must recognize that we are increasingly satisfied with the handbags, which we use in designated events, and especially in all that can adapt our day. We speak, of course, the clutch bag with which we can complete a look of wedding guest, to ...

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Star piece: Prada handbag

prada handbag

We have it clear: invest in add luxury for those who can afford it, it is a pleasure. In addition, much more if it is a basic motif that can be reused in the future. If we can have the good fortune to be able to allocate some budget – sometimes excessive -to buying a high-end accessory looks, that solve ...

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