How to choose the perfect bag?

Do you know which bag is right for your type of silhouette? The shape, color and size are the three most important things to buy a personalized fashion bag. Next we explain everything to you, since the choice of the bag will also depend on the use that will be given.

choose perfect bag

Diary bag

  • It can be of different sizes (depending on your body volume).
  • It can be of different colors, taking into account that black, brown, nude, navy blue and burgundy are basic of closet due to its versatility.
  • It can have different types of handle.
  • It must be comfortable and versatile.
  • Advise to choose it with different pockets or departments.

Handbag for event or party

  • It will be small.
  • It can be tortoiseshell, metal or other materials but never of skin.

– Dresses, skirts, pants and long jackets, harmonize with large bags and not with miniskirts.

The volume

It is important that the bag is tested in front of a mirror to see the proportion to the body. A woman of 1’80m should not use the same volume of bag as another of 1’60m since, if they will exchange it, their bodies would be disproportionate. That’s why if you buy online, recommend you write down your measurements and compare them with other bags in your closet.

The shape of the bag

In order to harmonize your silhouette, the shape of the bag must be contrary to its typology. That is, if you have a sinuous silhouette, with curves, choose the bag with square shape or with oblique lines. The contrary to your body.

If you have a silhouette with a much defined shoulders or a straight waist, a little masculine, choose the bag with sinuous, baggy or rounded shape and is not rigid. These are the ways contrary to your silhouette.

The color

Imagine that the area you want to disguise from your body is the hip, you wear black pants and you carry a red bag at the height of it, what do you think happens? Since you are enhancing the area that the less you are interested in.

The solution would be, in addition to having chosen a bag with square shape or oblique lines, that the color is the same or in the range of the pants: black, gray or nude as it is a color that does not add volume.

The same rule of three would apply to any silhouette. If you are interested in strengthening an area of your body, such as the chest, the ideal bag would be baguette or handles so you could carry it hanging on the shoulder and stay at the height of the bust, sinuous to bring Volume and contrast color with the top or jacket to highlight that part.

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