Suit and Tie

Chef and waiter coats

chef coats

The restaurant business is perhaps one of the hardest and most competitive businesses to work in. Food service and quality has to be on point every time for costumers to return and that means that the staff plays a significant role in order for that to succeed. However, for you to deliver your very best at all times requires that ...

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Business Women Fashion Trends

women suit

Shopping for women’s fashion trend today is a fun and rewarding experience. Fashion Stores and Online Shops offer a wide range of business attire. But finding the right fit is still a challenge. To feel comfortable and strong as a business woman, business dresses and women suits need to fit perfectly. Made to measure women business attire is super trendy ...

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Different types of suit and how to wear them

The suits offer several choices depending on the occasions. After learning to choose the suit that suits us, which model to choose for which type of event? Here are the different types of suits! We usually distinguish models such as the classic suit, the suit with the crossover jacket, the three-piece suit, the tuxedo and the tailcoat or frock coat. ...

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Suit Jacket: How to combine them according to your style

flower suit jacket

Suit Jacket have become a must-have this season. We give you the keys to combine them according to your style. Trends indicate that tailor suits can be worn in many ways and on multiple occasions. These serve either to go to a party, a wedding or to go to work. Below we show you how to combine the suit jacket. ...

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Ideas to wear the blazer

blazer with jeans

Learn how to combine the blazer with your own style in any season Today we talk about how to wear the blazer with style, that garment you have in your closet, which is very easy to combine and gives much play whether for a casual look or for something more elegant. Blazer with jeans for a casual look This combination ...

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The boiler suit, revelation of the year

boiler suit

It is one of the apparel stars of the summer, a must have for the cabinet of many celebrities. The boiler suit promises to be the revealing garment of the season. Inspired by the work uniforms is a very minimalist and very functional garment that is causing a stir. The actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley appeared last year with a look of ...

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Ties for women

women tie

When elegance speaks about tie or a bow tie are look good regardless of gender. Tips for women who dare to go out with a male garment hanging from the neck. The idea of breaking with the femininity from fashion was not restricted to wearing trousers, strap boots and short hair. In the early 20s women began to include tie ...

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Star garment: Faux fur coat

wear faux fur coats

If a star garment ideal for this time of year, this is the faux fur coat. This faux fur coat is a must in our wardrobe for the cold month. If you are thinking of renovating coat this season, opt by the faux fur coat. There are no celebrities that do not have a faux fur coat. It is an ...

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Reasons why you should wear a coat

reasons to wear coats

Winters are fabulous, not only because they are oh-so-romantic and wonderful for walking, but because it is the time in which you can dress up to your heart’s desire, and still do not exceed. You can use the fashion of things and let that your inner diva, and if you think that you will catch cold, there is always a ...

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How to combine your ties and shirts

combine ties and shirts

If we think how to combine colors in our ties with our outfit with elegance we have several possibilities: coordinating the tone of this with the shirt, creating contrast or playing with the color of the suit. As a general rule, the best combinations are: with printed shirts, solid color ties, and with plain shirts, single-color or patterned ties.

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