Ideas to wear the blazer

Learn how to combine the blazer with your own style in any season

Today we talk about how to wear the blazer with style, that garment you have in your closet, which is very easy to combine and gives much play whether for a casual look or for something more elegant.

blazer with jeans

Blazer with jeans for a casual look

This combination is the easiest to achieve and the best you feel; put on a pair of jeans during the season, ripped, high waist, skinny, with the low-back XL size… add a simple shirt in neutral tones, or a black, a midi cut blazer, matching shoes with some heel and a handbag or shopper type, depending on whether you’re going to wear it to go to work or a casual dinner. Do you think a somewhat sober style? You can always add a few jewels with a touch of color or change the bag for another that has, for example, embroidered flowers.

The blazer also blends perfectly with culotte pants and other dresses, the high-waisted without going any farther are suitable to wear with a t-shirt or blouse tucked inside or a mini top and a matching jacket, because it is refined and modern in equal parts. As for footwear, you can opt for shoes with some heel, needle heel or sports shoes in full color for a daily outfit. As you can see, the blazer is a garment that adapts to everything and that we can well define as off-road.

blazer with mini denim skirt

Blazer and mini denim skirt for a sensual outfit

If you are looking for a youthful and sensual look that has a stylish point, then copy the outfit: cut-up t-shirt, high denim mini skirt, sock boots that go beyond the knee (you can wear regular high boots or summer sandals), rectangular handbag, sunglasses according to the shape of your face and black blazer hanging on the shoulder, a detail that changes the styling completely. If you don’t go all the way down, opt for a simpler one. The grace is that you have some detail, like the asymmetrical cut, and gives your personal style.

You can also combine your blazer with a spring skirt or a flower print dress for summer nights in which you do something fresh, you will go comfortable and modern.

black and white with blazer

Look in black and white with blazer

You know that combining white and black is a sure thing, if you do it including a blazer and accessories with a minimum of color.

Another great idea is to wear the fashion blazer in an all black look, elegant and easy to achieve, or in one in total black, but with some accessories in gold, perfect for going out at night.

Alternative ways to wear the fashion blazer

Do you want something different? Look at these ideas:

Dressed with the blazer

Play with the heights of the garments that make up your look. A dress that reaches knee height, seasonal footwear and a short-length blazer. You can also make color contrast between one piece and another, always looking for balance.

Blazer style dress

Do you know the blazer style dresses? Those that reach the height of the thigh, which are sexy and feel great if you put them on a bralette.

Half sleeve blazer

For the half sleeve blazer, nothing like opt for a velvet model, corduroy, pajama style, with detail of glitter or print of flowers. If you want a blazer that goes out of the traditional, these options are the most suitable for you.

No more excuses saying that the blazer does not go with you.

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