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10 great Meghan Markle looks that show your taste wearing

meghan markle looks

Meghan Markle is on everyone’s lips. A great defender of the rights of women, in solidarity, a successful actress … she has won the love and respect of the whole world! The British love Meghan Markle because it has brought a bit of fresh air to the monarchy. That renovating and changing character with which she has arrived at Kensington ...

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8 rules that English royalty always follows to dress

It is not new that royalty should follow a series of etiquette and dress protocols, and they should dress according to the social calendar. But in addition, they follow their own fashion rules in relation to their looks. Constantly photographed and analyzed, members of royalty, such as the Duchess of Cambridge, receive help from their stylists and have style rules ...

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Looks for a perfect getaway by Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner took advantage of a few weeks ago her passage by Cannes to enjoy a break of the most summer and to go to the sea, next to the company of her older sister, Kourtney Kardashian. What is the best of this getaway? The looks that Kendall Jenner left us as inspiration to fill our suitcase on our next ...

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Victoria Beckham launches a low cost collection for Target

Victoria Beckham collection

It is not only a former Spice Girl or the wife of a footballer, Victoria Beckam, has managed to make her name an empire and earn respect and recognition from the fashion world. Her brand, Victoria Beckham, already has several lines for different audiences, and at the beginning of this month of April, the designer took a big step and ...

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Emma Watson, The Sustainable Princess

Emma Watson

As we all know, the remake of “Beauty and the Beast” is now on tour around the world, and, for the one who has not yet found out, the star actress, Emma Watson, has decided to give us the option to follow all the details about the looks and moments of the trip from the new Instagram profile that she ...

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The best looks of the Oscars 2017

best looks oscars 2017

One night for crazies who dare to dream. The 89 edition of the Academy Awards was a gala full of surprises, where we could even check if all nominated for an award had been prepared speech, thanks to the terrific error that will happen to the story of Faye Dunaway and Warren Beauty foretelling a “La La Land” as Best ...

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The boiler suit, revelation of the year

boiler suit

It is one of the apparel stars of the summer, a must have for the cabinet of many celebrities. The boiler suit promises to be the revealing garment of the season. Inspired by the work uniforms is a very minimalist and very functional garment that is causing a stir. The actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley appeared last year with a look of ...

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Reasons why Lady Gaga is a fashion icon

lady gaga fashion icon

It is undeniable the influence of Lady Gaga in the fashion industry, and vice versa. American singer meets 30 years and coinciding with that we wanted to review her power in the fashion industry. And it is that despite being a successful singer also reconverted actress, New York has managed to find an essential part of her in fashion. Her ...

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The bucket hat

bucket hat

If a garment is ready to reign in the street style, that’s the bucket hat. Perhaps many of us think that it is a garment that long ago that we saw on the street, especially during the spring and summer. But now manufacturers want this hat as 90s even in winter. There are many celebrities who have chosen this unsightly ...

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Pink color: Dress like our celebrities

celebrities with pink

It is a color that we love and comeback this season. We speak of the rose in all its varieties: more muted, pastel, nude or gum, this color is the most of the season. Attentive! Pink is a very feminine color: highlights the attributes of women and a touch of color highlights the facial features. Some say that pink is ...

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