Reasons why Lady Gaga is a fashion icon

It is undeniable the influence of Lady Gaga in the fashion industry, and vice versa. American singer meets 30 years and coinciding with that we wanted to review her power in the fashion industry. And it is that despite being a successful singer also reconverted actress, New York has managed to find an essential part of her in fashion.

lady gaga fashion icon

Her original and daring outfits have made her who she is now, although for some time the singer has wanted to leave the garish and bizarre looks to adopt a more elegant style. And it’s no wonder that brands like H & M and most recently Tom Ford have trusted her. The singer is the protagonist of the campaign – video – spring 2016 for Tom Ford. What do you think?

The emergent designers dream in that the singer shows some of her designs in the social networks, and everything you saw it becomes a trend. A few months ago Lady Gaga posed with garments of Andres Sarda. Demonstrate her devotion to the Spanish fashion. Her influence on fashion is immense, and in 2014 starred in the Christmas season with his friend Tony Bennett. The looks of the artist over the years – and months – get hogging headlines in fashion magazines, and no wonder.

But not only has her relationship with fashion paid off. Also her music has served as inspired and complements the fashion industry. Her video clips are full of references to icons of popular culture, and the styles of the artist have inspired designers. ‘Bad Romance’, considered a piece of art by experts, is worth studying in universities for her aesthetic composition. Judge for yourselves!

She turns 30 and we are sure we still have many years of looks and inspired by the New Yorker.

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