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Top Brands for Cap Collectors


Flexfit Australia manufacture quality headwear for comfort, durability and style. They have a creative spirit and an unbending commitment to quality with development and innovation at the forefront of their mission. Specialising in making caps, they are used by some of the biggest brands in sports, streetwear, action sports, golf and outdoor apparel. Their designs cover a wide selection of ...

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Manuel Dreesmann, a discovery for fashion enthusiasts

leather products

I have been a lover of good leather products for a while. So especially for Christmas I have been searching a lot lately for new brands. It is really hard to distinguish quality from poorly produced bags. Especially if you can’t really get in touch with the product, but only have a small image of it in front of you. ...

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5 Items Every Girl Needs In Her Handbag

every girl needs

It doesn’t matter what age you are; there are certain items that every woman should always have on their person at all times. What good is that gorgeous slouchy bag you bought for summer if it’s not loaded with everything you need? While you may be able to get rid of those ancient receipts and old protein bar wrappers, there ...

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How to choose the belt which is most appropriate

how to choose belt

Mastering the art of using a belt in harmony with the rest of the clothes can be difficult. In fact the complexity of the belt is often underestimated, which makes many men use it inappropriately… Rather than hold the pants, the belt is an item of clothing. And it is that an inadequate choice can simply destroy the most elegant ...

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Ten tips to your look with cap

look with cap

Today we wanted to collect some ideas to help you create your own outfits with an accessory that we love: the cap. The caps are accessories that are far from being restricted to purely sporting attire, its work great for “casuals” looks, in sexiest outfits and of course more rockers looks that are growing in popularity. Here we give some ...

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The bucket hat

bucket hat

If a garment is ready to reign in the street style, that’s the bucket hat. Perhaps many of us think that it is a garment that long ago that we saw on the street, especially during the spring and summer. But now manufacturers want this hat as 90s even in winter. There are many celebrities who have chosen this unsightly ...

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Three very chic ways to tie a scarf

tie a scarf

It is one of the emblematic accessories of the whole look: the simple fact gives us bring sophistication to face, and it is a classic and very elegant detail. We talk about the headscarf, our eternal ally in any set in addition to lifeguard to sudden changes in temperature. If you are tired of always carry the same way, we ...

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A thousand ways to wear a belt

ways to wear belt

That supplements being the real stars of this season is nothing new but the belts are emerging as an excellent supplement that it is. And, this winter, surprisingly belts will be essential to complement any of our outfits and give a touch of elegance and distinction that need. In addition, designers know this and for this reason no longer included ...

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The Must-Have Winter Accessories

winter accessories

Whether you are ready or not, winter is upon us. It is time to take stock of your winter wardrobe and hit the shops in search of warm accessories. If the thought of this task makes you panic, stay calm! Because we have done the hard work for you. Here is a list of accessories you must have to survive ...

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