How to choose the belt which is most appropriate

Mastering the art of using a belt in harmony with the rest of the clothes can be difficult. In fact the complexity of the belt is often underestimated, which makes many men use it inappropriately…

how to choose belt

Rather than hold the pants, the belt is an item of clothing. And it is that an inadequate choice can simply destroy the most elegant man.

Are you one of the men who dress first and then take the first belt that has at hand? Of affirmative answer, take note of the following recommendations. There are only two types of belts: casual or informal and formal or label. The difference between the two is that the first is wide, with a large and striking buckle, matte finish and strong texture; while the latter is thin, small buckle, it has a refractory and lustrous finish. Its texture is smooth.

The simplest rule to use a personalized leather belts is to combine it with the color and the completion of the shoes. A shiny black shoes require a shiny black belt. That simple.

On the other hand, casual belts allow you a little more flexibility. Whether black, brown or cinnamon, a casual belt with a matte finish combines reasonably well with jeans and a casual shoes.

One of the most common mistakes in man when dressing is put on jeans with a thin belt or the reverse. It is simply disastrous. Because of its wide range of colors, styles and textures, the belt is one of the accessories to be used incorrectly.

Tie your fashion with the proper belt
The belt or belt is one of the essential accessories at the time of clothing and, unfortunately, one of the items where the man commits major mistakes.

The golden rule is to combine shoes with belt, but not only in color, but also in texture and finish.

One of the elements to consider when purchasing a belt is the size. When you want to buy a belt, take the size of your waist and look for the immediate upper waist. The belts are usually five holes, if yours does not engage in half; it is too short or too long.

The belts are accessories, not the centerpiece of the wardrobe, therefore, be aware that the striking belts are ephemeral fashions and of bad taste.

And finally, for the skin of the belt is kept in good condition, keep it away from sunlight and hang vertically so that the leather will not kink or will damage the seams.

A belt can reveal the age of man
A research conducted in the United Kingdom found that as the years pass, go up the position of the belt. In adolescence, young people choose to go down even pants below the hip. At 27, the belt back up again to the natural waist. From the 39, the belt will continue to rise. At 45, up 5 centimeters. At 57, it is 12 centimeters and beyond will continue to increase.

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