How to Avoid Getting Stressed While You Can’t Do the Things You Used to Do

avoid getting stressed

The pandemic is taking a toll on all of us, even if we didn’t receive a positive diagnosis. Life as we know it drastically changed once the lockdown measures began. Things that we used to do are no longer possible. Several non-essential businesses aren’t in operation. We can’t even go to work anymore. There’s no wonder many people feel stressed ...

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5 Style Lessons from Victoria Beckham

victoria beckham styles

Victoria Beckham is one of the most internationally recognized icons of style, has marched on the best catwalks in the world and has managed to create elegant collections that carrying not only the celebrities and more demanded actresses but the woman of on foot. In all these years her style has changed, evolved and above all has been refined. We ...

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Tips for Exuding Boho Style

boho style

Some people let their free spirits fly around at certain times. This is typically at music festivals or other events that encourage individuality and freedom. For others, being an unrestricted soul is a fulltime job. Whether you are trying to make a fashion statement or you are representing your personality through your clothes, boho style is for everyone. It can ...

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Key style: How to dress for success in New Year

dress for new year

End of year is one of the most special days of the year. If we are lucky and must attend a party of end of year, we need to know some key style to succeed in a special date. In these celebrations we must seize to go out and buy a bright dress, either gold or silver or with many ...

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Become the queen of the ‘street’ style by mixing prints

mixing prints

Mixing prints is fashionable. Pictures with diamonds, stripes with floral prints, leopard tartan… This winter, the most impossible combinations are creating trend and becoming the protagonists of the streets. Therefore, if you want to become queens of street style, bet by mixing prints and pay attention to the manual that we offer below. The celebrities abuse of this trend and, ...

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Choose the shoes according to your personality

shoes according to personality

If anything we can all be clear in matters of fashion, is that every woman is different. Personality, lifestyle, everyday habits, and the relationship itself or tug of war that we have with the world of trends can compose it really will use when dressing. This is something that can also happen with shoes. These accessories are essential as is ...

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Spring Clothing Options With Fashion and Style

clothing options with fashion

Spring is just around the corner and as it slowly approaches, changes in wardrobe becomes apparent. Unfortunately these modifications can cost you a lot of money. Depending on your style and taste, your wardrobe can become one of the most expensive investments for the season. The best way to reduce your expenses on clothing and keep your shopping within your ...

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Keys of the ‘lady’ style

lady style

Is there anything more feminine than a dress with flight, good heels and a handbag? Probably whenever we wear in this way it gives the feeling of going very arranged, elegant and above all, exploiting every facet of our women. This style has a name and is considered a lady. Before, those who wore as well for all aspects of ...

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Dress yourself in style at your work!

style at work

Many women make do tend to go out at night or the weekend, but forget that leaving to work also we should look good. Look delicate, comfortable and beautiful is also important when working. But being well dressed and feel comfortable depends on many factors, its will determine the attire you choose for your day. Here we shares with you ...

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