Tips for Exuding Boho Style

Some people let their free spirits fly around at certain times. This is typically at music festivals or other events that encourage individuality and freedom. For others, being an unrestricted soul is a fulltime job. Whether you are trying to make a fashion statement or you are representing your personality through your clothes, boho style is for everyone.

boho style

It can often seem that this style is composed of random items of clothing paired with unorthodox hair and accessories. There is far more to the boho style than this, however. Continue reading to discover how you can adopt the bohemian way of dressing:

Get the Clothes You Need

The thing about dressing boho is that it can be a little difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. While most stores carry some semblance of the fashion, it is often quite restrictive. These items of clothing also tend to lack the same reckless abandon that most boho individuals are looking for. This is why you should typically look to stores when shopping for these types of clothes. These labels offer truly unique and wonderful pieces that really emphasize what it means to be boho. You will have a larger variety of clothes to choose from and be able to get just what you want to wear.

Let Your Hair Down

In addition to dress sense, one of the most obvious signs of a bohemian lifestyle is the hair. The best part about boho hair is that it requires very little upkeep. One thing you may have noticed is that it is all about loose, carefree waves and haphazard hairdos. So it is perfectly fine for you to put away all of your styling tools. Most of the time, a little bit of sea salt spray and some quirky hair jewellery is all that you need. Long, loose hair is typically a good way to get started. If you feel like doing something a little different, make sure to throw in a few messy braids for good measure. When in doubt, a few flowers woven into a crown is also a good way to make a boho statement.

Boho Makeup

A lot of people do not really take makeup into consideration when thinking about boho style. While it is completely up to you, there are a couple of boho makeup trends that you can try. When it comes to makeup, most boho trends tend to go one of two ways – subtle or quite colourful. If you are planning on being a little lower key with your makeup, browns and dusty pinks are the way to go. Eyeliner, however, is usually a staple, although the colour is up to you. If you prefer to do something a little more evident, you can play with any shades that you want. You are free to mix and match to your heart’s content.

Dress Up Your Home

The bohemian lifestyle is not just restricted to the way that you look or the clothes that you wear. It is in every part of your life. So you do not really have to stop with your appearance. You can take it up a notch and decorate your home as well. Use scarves, pillows, and lots of colour to give your home that same eclectic vibe. Wood furniture and natural elements can all be used to create that boho style in your house.

These are just some points to get you started. Once you have a clearer idea of your beauty style direction, you can experiment with a variety of different fashions and themes.

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