What do the shoes you wear say about you?

type of shoes

The world of the fashion that surrounds us, the form that each one we have of dressing is very arbitrary but simultaneously a personnel and a symbol how we are as a person. The colors, the clothes, the accessories … everything is subject to the imagination of each one, but … What happens with the shoes? According to a study ...

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Know the height of your heels

height of heels

Surely you’ve wondered that have special shoes with heels that both women love. Undoubtedly footwear structure, design and color play a very important role when purchasing a pair of shoes. Many people consider that heels are a tool, whether to go to work, attend a party or steal a few glances. Men and women relate the heels to the femininity ...

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Tips when buying shoes

keep in mind when choosing shoes

Buying shoes is not as simple and less task today when we have so many options. Many times we fell in love with a pair of shoes that we saw in a store and buy it blindly and when we got home already they do not seem to us so comfortable, and we end up not using them so frequently. ...

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Buckle boots for fall, yes or no?

buckle boots

With the death throes of summer, whenever they arrive this time of year begin to bombard us with new fashion campaigns that will arrive and with clothing, apparel, footwear and accessories that will be coming soon. That is why, although we still put wedges and sandals, we already began to see in stores, shoes, boots and booties that combine shortly ...

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Star Turn: Birkenstock Sandals

birkenstock sandals

There is no possible way to point in this type of fashion: either love, or simply hate it. That is, kind of shoes that many women are dying to be worn, and that others will not buy even under torture. In defense, can be said that these typical foreigner slippers that if we put have ever been put them we ...

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Wedges, also for everyday!


Often when we think about the type of footwear this summer, comes to mind certainly a kind of shoes that take us from many troubles during these hot months: the wedges. They are higher than any flat shoe, and can establish a type of heel that is more comfortable than some salons or peeptoes. Undoubtedly, this is an easy and ...

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Ideas for combining espadrilles

combining espadrilles

It is an undeniable fact, re-take the sandals! We like them or not in the first instance, it is true that regardless of the brand of shoes, we find this type of unconventional shoes that have become a must have completely unique. Although at first we swear not to turn to put on them, after have been banished from our ...

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How to wear flat sandals

wear flat sandals

It’s a fact: we all love to wear heels. Whether to attend a special event or appointment, or for our every day. Whether we deal with them good or bad, the truth is that, above all, our shoemaker is overflowing of this type of footwear with height. But not all situations are the same, or we wake up every day ...

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Choose the shoes according to your personality

shoes according to personality

If anything we can all be clear in matters of fashion, is that every woman is different. Personality, lifestyle, everyday habits, and the relationship itself or tug of war that we have with the world of trends can compose it really will use when dressing. This is something that can also happen with shoes. These accessories are essential as is ...

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White shoes, yes or no?

white shoes

The eternal debate reopened. Will wearing white shoes is something that is reviled, is old and is unsightly? Or rather, is it a wild color with which we can carry any type of styling and is very suitable for the summer? Whenever the warm weather arrives, the sides are separated from those who love this kind of color, and those ...

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