What do the shoes you wear say about you?

The world of the fashion that surrounds us, the form that each one we have of dressing is very arbitrary but simultaneously a personnel and a symbol how we are as a person. The colors, the clothes, the accessories … everything is subject to the imagination of each one, but … What happens with the shoes? According to a study done by the University of Kansas (USA), the choice of shoes could greatly influence the personality of people. The results of this study, published in the Journal of Research in Personality, 90% of our personality, are reflected in the type of footwear that we use daily.

type of shoes


According to the University of Kansas study, the use of this type of shoes, associated with strong and powerful women, who want to feel glamorous. In addition, it gives off an air of confidence and likes to be the center of attention.

Flat shoes

Flat shoes, have a small point in common with heels, glamour. It also have that super feminine point that we all like and that is associated with women who are more mature, serious and who, above all, prefer the comfort to overcome the long daily journeys.

Platform Shoes

Platform Shoes are the kind of shoes due to its fun side and above all comfortable side, make everyone get a good impression of the person who wears it without being too revealing at the same time. Is not perfect?

Flat Sandals

In the same way as the season in which we usually wear this type of shoes, summer, the sandals are associated with a profile of more casual woman, with a great naturalness and we can say that it is a very little pretentious footwear.

Ankle Boots

According to the different conclusions drawn from the study, booties serve as a complement to those women more complex, with a strong personality and we must say it, a little bit stubborn.

High Boots

What do your boots say about you? This type of shoes, reflect that the person who wears them, is a woman who likes to renew her image, with a strong personality, just like the previous and very determined.

Ballerinas Shoes

The ballerinas shoes are the type of shoes that qualify as “double-edged sword” … It may reflect a sweet and affectionate personality, or on the contrary, a distant and serious woman. Which of the two, are you?

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