Looks for a perfect getaway by Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner took advantage of a few weeks ago her passage by Cannes to enjoy a break of the most summer and to go to the sea, next to the company of her older sister, Kourtney Kardashian. What is the best of this getaway? The looks that Kendall Jenner left us as inspiration to fill our suitcase on our next trip. Do you want to know what were the star garments of Kendall Jenner?

With the entrance of summer, weekend getaways are very promising and all the excuses are good to leave the city behind for a couple of days and forget about urban and cosmopolitan life. But of course, for most of us the concept of “escapade” is not the same as for the celebrities, and this has been demonstrated once again by Kendall Jenner … Who would climb on a yacht to sail the waters of Cannes and leave us with a series of looks with which to inspire us for our next adventures.

Do you want to know what the clothes that Kendall Jenner chose to put in her suitcase? Some of them were swimsuits, sunglasses, accessories and styling that allowed the model to be perfect on the mainland. Take note, so your next suitcase is … perfect!

Kendall Jenner sunglass


For sunglasses, it is not enough to choose any one… The recommendation of Kendall Jenner have been what promise to be the star sunglasses of the season; sharpened at the ends and inspired by the authentic divas of the 50’s.

Kendall Jenner beach uniform

The perfect beach uniform

For Kendall Jenner, it is not enough with the typical shirt that most of us could; she thinks everything to the detail and the one that we have denominated like “beach uniform”, it is a short monkey with vaporous touches and floral print.

Kendall Jenner swimsuit

The ideal swimsuit

In the same place where the well-known Brigitte Bardot repeatedly wore on several occasions looks of this style, Kendall Jenner chose to honor it and wore a swimsuit from shoulders to the air and long sleeves that we loved!

Kendall Jenner sailor look

The sailor look

Of course that not everything was going to be walking through the high seas and sunbathing. Kendall Jenner also went for a walk in some of the most exclusive areas of the place and for that, opted for a look of sailor style. This one consisted of long beige trousers and a navy print blouse with vertical stripes in blue and white tones.

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