Wide cropped pants are trend

wide ankle pants

If you are a follower of the latest trends, sure you’ve already signed one of these wide and cropped pants, because these are one of the coolest moment garments. But as with other very modern and stylish garments, must know how to take them so it does not appear that you have been small or that does not look your ...

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Palazzo, cropped and High Pants: Pants of the season

palazzo pants

The pants are the kings of our closet. Turn wildcard for any look for day or night, pants demonstrate versatility with three very different sections: palazzo, cropped and high pants. Choose the one that best suits you and discover the keys to getting the most out of this must have. Palazzo Pants Whether you’re tall or not, this garment does ...

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Flared pants never went out of fashion

flared pants

It is a very bold and iconic garment, and this year back again with force. The flared trousers are a characteristic complement and make us to shine with our look. And if not, that is to say the celebrities, lovers of new trends. A few days ago we saw the actresses Alison Williams and Sienna Miller wearing these glamorous pants: ...

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Three ways to wear trousers with skin effect

skin effect trousers

If these days you plan to go shopping, you can now target an upcoming hits that cannot miss in your wardrobe: skin effect trousers. Suitable for 24 hours a day, here we discover how to combine to make the most of. Casual look Go comfortable, simple, but above all, very trendy is now possible thanks to skin effect pants. Its ...

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Victoria Beckham jeans

victoria beckham jeans

We cannot deny, if a celebrity who has managed to reinvent herself that was Victoria Beckham.That was posh in the Spice Girls during the nineties, has managed to become a famous designer that wins every one of their creations, regardless of the season. Therefore, we must always be aware of what Mrs. Beckham offers her followers, to follow their trends ...

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Yellow pants, yes or no?

Yellow pants

In the fashion world, it is common with certain tendencies or must specific; we are able to position ourselves to one side or the other if we want to take that as concrete that everyone goes crazy, or if instead it seems something terrible. It happens now with the ugly shoes, has been much controversy with the shims, and with ...

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How To Wear Mom Jeans

mom jeans

Mom jeans are the pants of the season for older and plus size women and are surprisingly flattering. Here we tell you how to wear them. A few seasons ago triumphed boyfriend jeans and now is the moment of mom jeans. We talk about very high and tight waist pants, cut straight and long up to the ankle. Belted Retrieves ...

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Midi pants, yes or no?

midi pants

It is undeniable: the midi long is the feeling of the season. A few months ago, it seemed unthinkable to put a skirt or dress with long below the knee. However, almost in the middle of the summer has become a unique style that will make us not readily forget the style of 50 years that create the most romantic ...

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The era of baggy pants

baggy pants

We have long lived the dictatorship, to call it somehow, skinny jeans, jeggings and others, i.e., extremely tight pants. Summer always gives a truce, and the legacy of the baggy pants. Again, with the arrival of spring, summer, sun and heat, renew some trends such as pants, past the opaque and dark winter colors and their hardships, to opt for ...

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Floral leggings: learn to combine it!

floral leggings

We can not deny: they are fashionable. And above all, they are a must have promises to keep since this April month until they reach high heat. What do we mean? Of course, the leggings with floral print. Long ago, it seemed to us that they were taken from another era, which were typical of the 1990s, and gave us ...

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