Yellow pants, yes or no?

In the fashion world, it is common with certain tendencies or must specific; we are able to position ourselves to one side or the other if we want to take that as concrete that everyone goes crazy, or if instead it seems something terrible. It happens now with the ugly shoes, has been much controversy with the shims, and with all types of footwear as knee boots.

Yellow pants

There is no middle ground: either you love it or hate it. That same issue happens with us this time, it has to do with a particular piece: pants, and one color: yellow. Whatever the time in question, the fact that we look like a garment in a matter of fashion as well or it will not depend on multiple factors.

We’d love to have a yellow trousers in our wardrobe if…
Of course we like to take risks. We will take it with ease and joy if really seems interesting to break the range of blacks, whites, nudes and other content that fills our wardrobe in issues of pants. Also we will be really happy to take it if we like to follow trends to the letter. Moreover, we probably convinced that our skin, if it is dark, it will be very highlighted and sophisticated at all times.

We are completely against to get this look if…
We hate the color. It is a controversial issue, and for many, a symbol of bad luck. On the other hand, we will not if we do not end up seeing favored with something out of the usual staples. Nor will it be the right thing if we have too much color in our closet, so it will be somewhat exaggerated to the end and within each style.

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