Visiting a hair colourist? Here is what you need to know

Hair Colour

A hair colourist is tasked with changing the colour of their client’s hair by using a myriad of tools at their disposal. They will then apply the dye solution to the hair after putting on gloves and aprons to protect themselves from the colouring chemicals. The colourist will ensure that the timing of the process is spot on so that ...

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Tricks to take care of hair and keep it healthy

take care of hair

With these simple tricks to take care of the hair you will make your hair look always careful, preventing knots from forming, keeping it hydrated and flavored, as well as avoiding the formation of split ends and other problems that tend to make hair look bad. Today you can find on the web tricks, for everything that you can think ...

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5 Benefits of Hair Extensions

benefits of hair extensions

Hair extensions are a very popular item on the dressing table of many women, and it’s no surprise to see that’s the case. There are several benefits to wearing hair extensions, and while it can be a hassle putting them in or finding your exact colour, that doesn’t outweigh the advantages that you can enjoy from these additions to your ...

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Do you have thinning hair? Tips to hide it

hide thinning hair

It is because you are suffering from hair loss or because you were born with little or thin hair and lacking in volume, there are certain tips that you can consider to disguise this condition. Notes and put into practice these tricks to hide thinning hair. Hide thinning hair with cut and style If you have long hair and with ...

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Tips to prevent split ends

prevent split ends

The split and damaged ends of hair is one of the problems that more bother those who have long hair. In general, the fastest solution is the cut to remove the damaged part. It will be important to know several general cares to avoid reaching such a determination. Then we tell you how to go taking care of your hair ...

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Tips to accelerate hair growth

accelerate hair growth

The hair is, perhaps, one of the parts of the woman body which most influences overall beauty. Having a rich, strong and shiny hair is the dream of the majority. But how do I get it? In this post we’ll show you what tricks will turn your hair into a long and abundant hair. Our first advice is that you ...

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Glitter roots: Join the brightest hairstyle this holiday season

glitter roots

Do you know the glitter roots? These are the beauty trend that is sweeping Instagram and other social networks, and is a perfect choice for the most daring face in the parties. The glitter roots consist of covering the roots of the hair with colored glitter, a cheerful and festive touch perfect for the Christmas holidays, which are just around ...

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Messy hair solutions: hairstyles express

messy hair solutions

Some days we got up late and do not have time to shower to go to work. Others simply want to spend a day between washes hair for not punishing both, however, looks dirty and do not know how to show it. A good alternative is dry shampoos. It usually come in spray form, applied to the root of the ...

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Ideas of short hair for women

short hair for women

Whether you’re thinking of cutting your curls hair or you’re simply looking for new ways to style your hair, remember that short hair can be extremely versatile. Its styles range from bulky to sleek and sexy and feminine. No matter what style you choose to use, remember to start with styling products to give your hair the texture you need ...

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Give a new look to your hair is very easy!

new hair look

We need not puzzle over the change we want for our hair is closer than we think, and it’s easier than we think. If we want to give a new look to our hair naturally and from within, we note the following recommendations. If we have an absolutely straight cut and think that the hair is bland and lacks volume, ...

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