Do you have thinning hair? Tips to hide it

It is because you are suffering from hair loss or because you were born with little or thin hair and lacking in volume, there are certain tips that you can consider to disguise this condition. Notes and put into practice these tricks to hide thinning hair.

hide thinning hair

Hide thinning hair with cut and style

If you have long hair and with the problem of fall, then perhaps it would be better to consider a haircut. It is best to opt for short to medium hair. Keep in mind that the shorter the hair, the more possibility of giving volume and shape to the hair.

On the other hand, long hair has more weight and therefore tends to fall. For this season, it is the fashionable so-called garcon style.

Hide thinning hair with hairstyle

As well as cutting, styling can make a big difference. You can hit and give more volume or the opposite, to be wrong and that notices more the scarcity. One of the most used tricks consists of hollowing well the roots of the top part of the head, comb the hair upside down to give more volume and instead of making parted in the middle, making it to one side, which best fits your physiognomy.

If what you look for is something more sophisticated, for a dinner, then you can use collected classic high or the backcombing. Another good idea is to use accessories like tiaras or tweezers to shape and place the strands of hair where you consider is more convenient.

Hide thinning hair with color groups: yes or no?

Unless it is strictly necessary, the best will be to avoid it and, if necessary, choose a dye free of ammonia. The traditional dyes contain many chemical substances that are aggressive for hair and not to do more than increase the damage and the fall.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, generally, the dark tones as the brown and black tend to leave more in evidence the lack of hair. The clearest disguised better. The tones on tone are the ideal for these cases.

Hide thinning hair with extensions

It is one of the most looked options when you have little hair: with a little investment, it is possible to show more voluminous hair quickly and effectively. The drawback with extensions is that it tends to notice and requires a color to achieve a uniform tone throughout the hair.

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