Tips to accelerate hair growth

The hair is, perhaps, one of the parts of the woman body which most influences overall beauty. Having a rich, strong and shiny hair is the dream of the majority. But how do I get it? In this post we’ll show you what tricks will turn your hair into a long and abundant hair.

accelerate hair growth

Our first advice is that you apply the consistency. Remember that there are no miracles and be consistent is the quality you need to get the hair of your dreams. What routines or habits will encourage the growth of your hair?

Trim the ends frequently: Although it seems contradictory, for a long and abundant hair need to cut the ends of your hair once a month. It is wrong to think that we have the best hair if we do not cut it. We will have longer hair, but less healthy. Also, having the open ends causes the hair frizzy more easily, besides being unflattering. Requests time with the hairdresser and if you need to cut more than 4 fingers to clean up your hair, do it and follow our advice.

Apply serum on the ends: Today there are many products that can help seal the ends of our hair, moisturize them and prevent breakage while we encourage its growth. The ideal is to apply a serum after shower with wet hair.

Consume protein: Watch your diet and include animal proteins such as meat, eggs or fish, it is ideal for hair growth. The collagen supplements are ideal to regenerate all tissues, as it is the most abundant protein in the human body.

Avoid products with silicones: Most shampoos contain silicones, substances that clog follicles, block and prevent the normal development of hair. Generally used to improve the appearance of hair visibly, it looks more shiny and silky. But do not be fooled, these are not healthy for our hair.

Consume vitamins: Hair growth motivated above all of the interior. If we take vitamins that promote its growth we will be completing the treatment. The vitamins which favor our hair are: biotin, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin C and iron.

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