Six different ponytails to get out of the monotony

These versions will allow us to get out of the monotony with the same comfort, but varying in style every day.

Nothing is more comfortable and helpful to get out of the house on a day-to-day basis than to make a ponytail with which to clear your face. Especially, when we don’t have time to prepare the hair and show it loose, lustrous and impeccable.

Although it is a very simple hairstyle with which we all feel comfortable, it may be too boring to see ourselves every day in the mirror with the same ponytail. Why not take advantage of the many possible versions of this hairstyle to achieve a different “look” every day that motivates us?

Here is a selection of different ponytails that will allow us to get out of the monotony with the same comfort, but varying in style every day.

Formal chic collection

Giving a different and new look to our ponytail is sometimes as simple as hiding the knot with a lock. You can expand the lock to obtain this polished and flattering finish.

low ponytail

The low ponytails are still present, but they are updated. One way to simplify them is to create an original knot. The most fashionable way is to hide the elastic with your own hair, even lengthening the attachment point. But it can also be achieved with an elongated metal scrunchie.

Textured ponytail

Another option to give a new life to our old ponytail is to work the texture of the hair, both with products and with heat tools or even your own hands. Applying a texturizer, for example, will allow us to gain volume both in the collected part and in the loose part.

textured ponytail

Image source: thesmallthingsblog

Create a ponytail with volume at the crown, leave a couple of strands that frame the face and create waves. You’ll carry a lot more than a ponytail.

Ponytail combined with root braid

Halfway between the ponytail and the braid would be this original version.

Ponytail combined with root braid

Combining braids and pigtails in the same look is a success. You can pick up the sides with two root braids, mix mini braids with the ponytail … There are many variants, and it’s about imagining.

Low ponytail with accessories

Low ponytails are comfortable and versatile when it comes to combining with different styles.

low ponytail with accessories
Image source: sydnestyle

Since its elaboration is very simple, what we propose is to complement them with trendy hair accessories such as barrettes or bows. We will be able to elevate such a simple hairstyle to a level until it becomes sophisticated, all without sacrificing comfort.

Ponytail with bubbles

The version with bubbles is one of the simplest resources to achieve a ponytail that is out of the routine and it is effective. Anyone can do it knowing the tricks to make it look this good.

ponytail with bubbles
Image source: cutegirlshairstyles

Make a high ponytail and use invisible or thin rubber bands, as you prefer, to make the ponytails. The trick for them to take volume is that the hair is not tight and, once tied, opens them more with your hands.

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Striking ponytail

The most skilled with hair can create much more original versions that remain affordable for day to day and provide comfort. Like this striking ponytail that is wrapped in a generous lock of the hair itself and then thin out successive strands that leave that chic finish, which also adds a flattering volume.

striking ponytail

A ponytail that is more than that because it includes a braid, it is born from a bow and carries threads to create something never seen before. The best thing, you don’t have to take it to go to an event. Our day-to-day life invites us to celebrate by seeing ourselves as special.

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