Tricks to take care of hair and keep it healthy

With these simple tricks to take care of the hair you will make your hair look always careful, preventing knots from forming, keeping it hydrated and flavored, as well as avoiding the formation of split ends and other problems that tend to make hair look bad.

take care of hair

Today you can find on the web tricks, for everything that you can think of, that’s why our hair can not be left behind, here we bring you a few tricks to give a new life to your hair.

Flavored hair

We all love that our hair smells of that perfume that we love, however it is known that the main ingredient of perfumes is alcohol, so to prevent your hair from being mistreated, it is advisable to spray the fragrance on your favorite brush and then proceed to comb your hair normally. The aroma will last for hours.

Avoid the knots

Whenever we get out of the shower our hair becomes a mess of knots. To avoid this problem, you must untangle your hair before washing it. Another advisable option is to comb it while you have the conditioner and then proceed to rinse and say goodbye to the knots. This is another great recommendation to take care of the hair.

Greasy hair

If your hair tends to be very greasy, we recommend adding a little baking soda to your shampoo and massaging with this mixture to your scalp. How does it work? Easy, this will gently exfoliate your hair and make it stay clean longer, just make sure to do it once a week, no more.

Instant hydration

If you are already on the street taking care of your daily chores and you realize that your hair are peculiarly dry what you can do is take a small amount of your hand cream, rub a few seconds on your palms to give it a little heat and then put it on in your hair. This will get you out of trouble but it will not solve the problem permanently, it is best to start a hydration plan to take care of the hair from the root.

Clean hair for more time

It has happened to all of us that we need to leave unexpectedly and our hair is not quite ready. Needless to say, there are times when we do not have time to wash it and fix it. For these cases the most advisable is a dry shampoo but if it happens that you do not have it is also valid to use talcum powder or translucent powder, just make sure to eliminate all the excess.

Fixed but not stiff

Whenever we apply fixative or hairspray, the result is usually that the hair looks quite heavy, to avoid this we recommend applying the fixative on your hands and with them shaping the hair. The result will be more elastic waves with movement.

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