Top 10 Accessories That Go Best with a White Bohemian Dress with Long Sleeves in 2018

The Bohemian fashion style is an all-time favorite among women that like to display a very distinctive fashion vibe. However, getting the right “Boho” style is not that easy. Here you have a couple of accessories that can help you nail that perfect Boho look:

boho style

Get yourself a Maxi Skirt with long sleeves

This is a great piece when creating your very own Boho outfit. When choosing the best Maxi skirts, aim for simple and single-colored ones that make it easier to build any outfit. It is definitely a must-have in any Boho wardrobe. You can pick up a long sleeve white boho dress here – this is from

Hop on Ankle Boots

Boho girls usually prefer to wear loose around the ankles boots which go perfect with a short skirt and skinny jeans. It is up to you to buy boots with heel or not, but if you prefer heels, make sure is not too high or skinny which could make it uncomfortable to remain standing for long time.

Use Hairbands

Some people consider wearing headbands a hippie thing, but bear in mind that this has grown to become an actual fashion style. Lately, you may see how online retailers like Forever 21 have increased their sales of headbands among young people. There are many different ways to wear them. If you are aiming for a Boho look, it is recommendable to use very thin headbands and to wear them back an inch or even two past your hairline. Also, use headbands on a bad-hair-day to create a fashionable ponytail.

Get a pair of Gladiator Sandals

This is the ultimate Bohemian accessory. These are light and totally summary. Furthermore, no matter how “average” you think they may look on you, it is still very fashionable and totally Boho style. However, when buying a pair of sandals, take into account your height: if you are tall, get knee-high gladiators and if you are short, settle for ankle-high ones. Also, find a pair which is easy to slip on and off.

Start wearing sweaters

Sweaters are a very interesting accessory which totally complements your Bohemian style. Lacy-knit sweater or see-through versions can make great layering pieces. These are light enough to wear no matter the season (except summer of course). The best part is that retailers are filled with vintage or regular sweaters at affordable prices.

Be brave and get a Brimmed Hat

Don’t get an average straw hat. These are not only expensive but they tend to lose their shape faster than inexpensive brimmed hats. The great thing about hats is that they go along with any other accessory to create your Boho style. Whether if it is a sundress, gladiator sandals or sunglasses, the hat completes the outfit in so many ways.

Tunic tops are the deal-breakers

For many people, this is the first thing that comes to mind when creating a Boho style. Peasant, embroidered and vintage tops go along with anything you throw at them. That’s what make them perfect and a necessary Boho accessory.

Three more accessories that you should consider are: 1. Big looking glasses, 2. Leather Belts and 3. Natural earrings. Pick the best ones for you and create your very own Bohemian fashion.

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