fall hairstyle

Surprisingly sensual. Here’s the hair inspired by Jerry Hall. Do you imagine how it is, no? And that is the only diva Jerry evokes images of long hair, wavy, blonde, sexy and shiny. This is how we want the hair. And that’s how we’re going to get. It is anRead More →

hairstyle for face

Are you thinking about changing your look and you decide with the haircut? Let the factions of the face determine your hairstyle. The face, the factions and the type of hair are causing a same hair cut may vary depending on the person. To follow trends blindly, trying to imitateRead More →


Women with curly hair is impossible to dominate and the ideas to change of look and great summer hairstyles are let me say. No matter how your curls, your hair cut or its length, something for all tastes and styles. Curly hair offers so many possibilities such as the straightRead More →

long faces hairstyles

If your face is long and not know what hairstyle or haircut is for you. Do not worry because you will know that cutting is ideal for you. You should know that long face is one that may have narrow cheekbones or have dimensions that make the face look longRead More →

spring hairstyles

Check out the latest trends in spring hairstyles 20112, discover what will be more looks worn. Braids: The different ways to make a braid will give you several options when it comes to do an emergency. Fringe: In both to hairstyles to bring the hair smooth loose, the fringe continuesRead More →

male hairstyles

Men nowadays also care for their appearance and above all hairstyle and haircut that will be done. So follow these tips to choose a good hairstyle. Man needs to shape his hair cut more often than a woman, about every four weeks. You should not stick to old-fashioned style. AskRead More →

chage hairstyle

Straight, curly, wavy, long blonde … There are countless ways to look hair, although sometimes a bit hard for us to change for fear that the result is not expected, a good haircut will help you transform your style and give a twist to your look. Sure that more thanRead More →

long hair

For none of us is a secret that the hair can be an important weapon of seduction but nothing more terrible than a long and unkempt hair: dull, split ends, dry. Forget about it and discover that you must stop doing and what steps to take to have it beautifulRead More →

look more Folk

You’ll love the delicacy of this hairstyle so be careful. It has a modern but mixes with a classic style to Victorian. And now we show you how to certify these at home. Sober and balanced. This hair consists of a smooth part and another collection. And behind a bitRead More →