Step by Step: Discover the look more Folk!

You’ll love the delicacy of this hairstyle so be careful. It has a modern but mixes with a classic style to Victorian. And now we show you how to certify these at home.

look more Folk

Sober and balanced. This hair consists of a smooth part and another collection. And behind a bit it is set to create a texture of the nest, but at the same time it is a somewhat loose hairstyle.

  1. You must have freshly washed hair and conditioning. The Pantene products will be great to get a hair smooth and soft.
  2. Apply a bit of foam with volume and body with your hands, then dry it over.
  3. Use a curling iron to form a loop in the hair.
  4. Brush your hair to loosen the curls and create a wave effect. And apply some hairspray, such as the Volume Creation of Pantene Pro-V. Perfect to create more texture and give more grace to your hair.
  5. Take a section of hair from each side of the head, rolled up with each other and strip each end to its opposite side. Collect parts and secure it’s with a rubber band at the neck.
  6. Part of loose hair at the nape will have to pick it up above the neck. This will create a somewhat loose ponytail.
  7. Wrap the tip of the ponytail under natural hair, if you throw it, get to create a loop. Now take small tufts. This way you will give an aspect of neglected and will take formality from this look.
  8. And finally, the final touch: a little more than lacquer, Volume Creation of Pantene Pro-V.

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