8 elegant hairstyles for Christmas

hairstyles for christmas

If you have a marriage, Christmas holiday work or want to look exquisite on Christmas, here bring 8 elegant styling options that you can make yourself. Sideways Queue: This is a super easy hairstyle, just do a tail on one side, and the league does not see you, have a braid and place it around, holding it with some clips. ...

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Bow tie Hairstyle

bow tie hairstyle

Thinking about how your hair looks and sees this holiday practicing sophisticated hairstyles. We will help you. The monkey is fashionable is not a surprise. On the catwalk many proposals. Whether long, short, medium, strap, disheveled or bagel-style. Lots of styles to bring this classic to any time. This week, we go a little further and we present the bow ...

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Hair Trends: The reinvention of Braid

long braid

Opt for elegance. Opt for an autumn full of sophistication and becomes soft combed hairstyles full of personality and brightness. This time we show the reinvention of the braid. The elegance wins the battle to the Bohemian spirit and takes over the braid as one of the basics of this season. This fall pickup will bring more casual and informal ...

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Hair: Extra volume for your hair!

extra volume

Many women want to have a crazy hair perfectly smooth, while those that do not find a way to give a little more volume. Ultimately none of us are satisfied with what we have. Each hair type has its advantages and disadvantages, and clear that the straight is no exception. With this type of hair can take a bath and ...

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Hairstyles: Pretzel Bun

Pretzel Bun

It is one of the collected at the time. A simple and original bun that each time conquest to more celebrities. Daring, natural and very easy to do it to yourself. Follow the steps below and this monkey looks reminiscent of the famous cookies shaped like a heart. The pretzel bun is a low bun. Although it seems that this ...

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Casual bun: Hairstyle for all outfits

Casual bun

Surely more than one day you slept with half wet hair after a shower and the next morning your hair were indomitable. We bring you an ideal hairstyle for such occasions or for those rainy days where loose hair looks rather limited because of the humidity. High bun, half disheveled, we go with almost all outfits, whether casual or elegant. ...

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Bangs: Autumn trend for your hair


The bangs are imposed on the runways and have now reached the street. During the autumn/winter this look will star in all salons. Although the heat remains tightening, some famous have already staked to the scissors and have opted for the bangs. If you are tempted to change your look, here we tell you what are the most prominent. Depending ...

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Fall Hairstyles: your hair sways from side!

fall hairstyle

Surprisingly sensual. Here’s the hair inspired by Jerry Hall. Do you imagine how it is, no? And that is the only diva Jerry evokes images of long hair, wavy, blonde, sexy and shiny. This is how we want the hair. And that’s how we’re going to get. It is an ideal hairstyle for those who you have the long hair ...

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Hairstyles for your face

hairstyle for face

Are you thinking about changing your look and you decide with the haircut? Let the factions of the face determine your hairstyle. The face, the factions and the type of hair are causing a same hair cut may vary depending on the person. To follow trends blindly, trying to imitate the style of your friend or to disregard a hairdresser ...

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Curly hair for summer


Women with curly hair is impossible to dominate and the ideas to change of look and great summer hairstyles are let me say. No matter how your curls, your hair cut or its length, something for all tastes and styles. Curly hair offers so many possibilities such as the straight hair: you can get braids, relaxers, bows, let it loose. ...

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