We know the wonders that a change of look can work, especially when it comes to choosing another tone for our hair. But to do it right, we must know some tricks.

change hair color

We can blindly trust our hairdresser or be a hair dyed a million times before, but none of us is free to mess up when it comes to change our appearance. Many have suffered the consequences of choosing the wrong tone or making a change color too drastically without following the steps that we had, so here explain what we should consider before changing our hair color.

Before taking the step test how it will look on our skin tone, either by going to a wig shop or playing with any photo editing programs that are available today. Many times we like a color but together with our skin tone just does not work. Play around before decide.

There are many dyes options on the market, but if we do not feel very safe in giving such a radical change, we can always opt for those natives or not permanent they are removed within weeks, a great way to stay back if not convinced.

Never put in the hands of a stranger! A change in the tone of our hair, especially if it is radical, it should be always in the hands of a professional stylist and if it is someone we trust better.

Explain to stylist exactly what we want and take as many pictures consider necessary. This always works as a good reference for our hairdresser we make a change of color as close as possible to what we want.

Take advantage and also committed a haircut, this way we will look a good new look. And remember that if the result is not what we expect is always possible to go back and improve it, so there is nothing to fear.

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