Glitter roots: Join the brightest hairstyle this holiday season

Do you know the glitter roots? These are the beauty trend that is sweeping Instagram and other social networks, and is a perfect choice for the most daring face in the parties. The glitter roots consist of covering the roots of the hair with colored glitter, a cheerful and festive touch perfect for the Christmas holidays, which are just around the corner.

glitter roots

This trend was born in Instagram, where alternatives girls with hair of bold colors like pink and lilac decided to cover their roots, and darker, glitter to minimize the contrast between the appearance of the natural hair in the dyed hair roots. The supply of specialized products to create the glitter roots to grow, and already there are various colors and effects. And it is that many women who dare this trend so fashionable and very suitable to celebrate the New Year in a different way.

And despite being a trend of beauty that is born in women with dyed hair, the glitter roots can wear them all, regardless of whether our hair has natural color or not. If you show dyed hair, you can opt for a glitter roots tone that match with your hair, whether something more discreet or more attractive. If you show the natural hair and want to make a fun and original touch to your look, nothing like a glitter roots of colors or metallic tones to succeed during the holidays of Christmas.

This product with glitter is applied on the hair roots, whether gel or, if it is about the natural hair, glitter powder. There are even products to create glitter roots with glitter in the shape of stars.

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