Tips to prevent split ends

The split and damaged ends of hair is one of the problems that more bother those who have long hair. In general, the fastest solution is the cut to remove the damaged part. It will be important to know several general cares to avoid reaching such a determination. Then we tell you how to go taking care of your hair to prevent from happening it again.

prevent split ends

Unfortunately, there are many external agents that are damaging it: the wind, sun, the same rubbing and friction, environmental pollution, cigarette smoke, etc. The basic guidelines for our hair hold the best possible conditions for its texture; shine and strength will be to maintain a good hygiene routine, hydration and protection.

What you should not do

  • Avoid all products containing silicone, since it obstruct the hair bulb avoiding its normal breathing and will weaken it.
  • Do not use products with alcohol because it dry out and weaken it to the top.
  • Upon drying your hair, the better do it outdoors, avoiding excessive heat. Do not use – or do it as little as possible – irons. If however you’re going to straighten your hair with iron, do not forget to place before quality heat shield to minimize damage.
  • The coloration will be better that is in oil, since it hydrates more and helps keep the hair in better condition.

All these tips will help prevent split ends and hair damaged. You should also choose quality combs and natural bristle brushes, as well as shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type. In the case of “irons”, it is advisable to have a model that is adjustable in temperature to suit the thickness of the hair.

When you already have the split ends – and before going directly to the cut – it will be possible to resort to serums or specific oils that are applied from means to ends that moisturizes and helps the capillary reconstruction.

Now then, if you have already come to a point in which the cut is inevitable, and it makes you sad, the specialists advise that to pretend the split ends we should do a scruffy cut, and not those straight or that leave the completely faded hair, since this way the defects of the hair become much more visible.

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