The importance of cleaning your makeup brushes

Clean makeup brushes is one of the habits we should have, but nobody thinks that is important. The brushes and other makeup utensils accumulate many bacteria that by bringing the makeup they are adhered to our skin. These bacteria can clog pores or create infections like folliculitis – outbreaks of acne, and others problems in the skin.

cleaning makeup brushes

According to experts clean makeup brushes at least once a week, it is essential for the health of our skin, even to extend the life of makeup utensils. When clean brushes the texture of hair returns to be fine. Carelessness makes brushes to get rough and not effective when it comes to makeup, leaving us with a less defined result than we expected. Or in the worst case, that you paint a different color that you want.

Thus, both brushes and makeup brushes and sponges should be cleaned once a week and let them dry thoroughly. To clean brushes what we need is warm water and soap. Simple. Even if the hair is natural, we buy specific products because some soap may be somewhat aggressive. In the latter case, the brushes should be washed once a month. We also apply a hair mask and leave it on for a while.

To clean properly, we must prepare the soap solution previously and immerse the brushes making a small pressure on the fund of the packing and moving the brush from one side to another. In another bowl with warm water we will place the brushes and will remove soap scum. In any case we must use dryer to dry more quickly. We must drain them and let them dry with the hair down. If we are too lazy to this entire process, even we can put in the dishwasher to save time.

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