Tips when using leggings

using leggings

The leggings are versatile garments that have solved the lives of more than one, but we have to follow certain recommendations that may help some embarrassment to be passed or criticism is not very pleasant. It is a garment that is used in all parts of the world, but despite being so comfortable and seemingly “simple” to display, you must ...

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Trend in fashion with flowers!

fashion with flowers

The flowers came stomping over many decades and have positioned themselves in all kinds of women’s clothes and even accessories but we must combine them to make them look good. The flowers have ceased to be a gift for brides or embellishment to make more beautiful the house or the preception of a marriage, and now moved to the prints, ...

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The use of short

use short

The shorts are imposed for all occasions and weather, but you must know how to combine them and who can use them as they are not appropriate for all female silhouettes. It is a garment that is taking great force and to stay either fall or summer, as the designs are so varied that can adapt to any situation without ...

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Baggy pants: 1 item 3 looks!

baggy pant

How to wear baggy pants in a flattering? We teach you to combine this garment as comfortable as the time and place. The so-called “baggy pant” has become one of the key pieces of the summer season be refined with more sophisticated fabrics. They are perfect when you want to get comfortable and get a chic casual look. This type ...

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How to wear jeans? Celebs inspire you

wear jeans

Jeans have become one of the essential basics of the spring season. We are inspired by the outfits of the famous for autumn. The jeans, which have been stored in the closet during the summer months, peep again is that these jeans are timeless pieces that allow us to successfully survive the months of halftime. As you say goodbye to ...

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Stylized pants: Appears one size smaller!

stylized pants

The choice of pants is key to feeling comfortable with ourselves and comfortable with our bodies. According to accessories and garments with which we can combine them to appear one size smaller. Grab a pen and paper and points these effective styling tricks with which you will feel slimmer. Are you ready to show off figure? Waist pants To highlight ...

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Perfect print pants

print pants

The printed pants do not understand discretion and this spring hoard much prominence as part of the hit of the season. Attentive to your user’s manual. Sure you could not resist trying on printed pants. This spring flowers, animal print, camouflage … become protagonists and are stamped on the pants with greater or lesser impact. The pants of the season ...

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Style Tips: Capri pants in winter

capri pants

One of the most common cuts of pants in the summer is the capri pants. Just above the ankle, often with low round ended. For this type of pants increasingly harder in the winter and we’ll tell how you can take it. If in summer the best shoe to go with a ballerina flat, winter is the opposite. Take your ...

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How about jeans we wear

colored jeans

The most common but still most easy and enjoyable in most of the closet is jeans. In today’s fashion world, the pair of jeans is entitled as one of the satisfying and cozy lower outfit for every kind of people. Different people wear different categorized jeans allowing their comfort zone. These alterable of trousers are found in different brands, washes, ...

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Palazzo Pants: Three ways to take it to the office!

Palazzo Pants

Make the return to office of stylish wrap. If you do not know how to update your look post holiday, remains attentive to our suggestions. We are about to say goodbye to the summer and back to the routine. To return to save the Ibiza dresses, skirts of twine, the tropical prints and the mini more informal. The thermometers keep ...

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