Trend in fashion with flowers!

The flowers came stomping over many decades and have positioned themselves in all kinds of women’s clothes and even accessories but we must combine them to make them look good.

fashion with flowers

The flowers have ceased to be a gift for brides or embellishment to make more beautiful the house or the preception of a marriage, and now moved to the prints, the embroidery and accessories. No matter if it is day or night or if it is pants, blouse, shoe or jacket as in all sorts of things you are using and is all the rage since to them makes them look different and beautiful because they attract them because women are tender but at the same time something sensual.

It has been so the acceptance that the famous have decided to use them in their gowns, in expensive dresses that used during holidays and therefore give some tendency impulse in fashion and in the rest of the tastes of the girls in the world who choose to let what is characteristic of the spring in their wardrobes.

The way to achieve a spectacular combination is mixing a garment of flowers with black or white colored and creates a very modern look and the flowers do not go unnoticed but are not so excessive. And the size is not important since there are large and small, spot color or a little more alive and installed sift in heels, sneakers, boots and even bags and wallets, jewelry also invaded by them and let go from earrings with many small flowers or a few large earrings that attract attention by its beauty.

According to experts, these designs are much better in young girls but that does not mean that which are a little more adult or mature can not find grounds a bit more demure and to make them look just as beautiful. The fact is always knowing how combine especially with very cold tones or minimalist as white, brown or black. It is also about the body shape of the girls; as if they are heavily built women or the occasional chubby is best to avoid the concentration of flowers because that will make them look more voluptuous. But neither use them very small size because it created the same effect and the garment will look like a great size is why they advise for girls who are thin.

But for the latter there are also contraindications as garments having little flowers and are of large size will make a lot skinnier. With regard to women who are older, it is best to use medium sized flowers, that are not or very light pastel colors that give you the feeling of tiredness and sadness while very strong and bold colors will change slightly personality and call more attention to the face or other physical attributes.

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