If these days you plan to go shopping, you can now target an upcoming hits that cannot miss in your wardrobe: skin effect trousers. Suitable for 24 hours a day, here we discover how to combine to make the most of.

Casual look
Go comfortable, simple, but above all, very trendy is now possible thanks to skin effect pants. Its characteristic tissue will get to equip any of your outfits with a plus of elegance and style.

skin effect trousers

For those days when you feel like you look more casual than ever, we recommend you to carry this piece as a legging: combine it with oversize jersey, better if it is stamped or animal print. Accompanied by low shoe and play with accessories for a look as cool.

Office look
For those endless days in the office looking for a look that you feel a authentic woman. Wear your skin effect pants in a neutral tone that allows you to play with other colored clothes. Nothing beats the range of land this fall: a classic that never fails!

skin effect trousers

Combine it with maxi coat of cocoon silhouette and high-heeled boots. Complete your look with a shopper bag to add a casual touch to your outfit.

Night look
Nothing better than a skin effect trouser in black to simulate the leather tissue. Sexy and ultra-feminine, accompanies this garment with stilettos to stylize your figure and add a few extra inches. Combine it with a perfect stunning jacket and you have a look rockier than ideal for nightlife.

skin effect trousers

Break your total black look with a blouse in pastel color to add contrast to your outfit and do not forget to complete it with a handbag with glitter effect.

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