Wide cropped pants are trend

If you are a follower of the latest trends, sure you’ve already signed one of these wide and cropped pants, because these are one of the coolest moment garments. But as with other very modern and stylish garments, must know how to take them so it does not appear that you have been small or that does not look your legs too short. Everything has its trick and accessories.

wide ankle pants

We all know the wide cropped pants, which are very sophisticated and ideal for going to the office. These mark the silhouette and can be worn perfectly with oxford shoes trend for a more masculine look. The cropped pants in its wider version also accept these shoes, but it is better than combine only if your legs are very long, because it shortens them visually.

Heels that leave the foot into the air are the best choice because it lengthens a little silhouette, creating a sophisticated and feminine style, despite the fact that the pants do not mark anything the silhouette, only the waist. A few stilettos are the ideal choice for office, more sophisticated and classic, and if you want to bring them on holiday, then opt for a heeled sandals and thin strips.

These pants have already been taken during the fall and winter. Especially it has been a good choice for a comfortable and sophisticated look for office, combining them with masculine style shirts. However, it can also be a good choice for spring, with open-toed shoes and feminine blouses contrast with the more masculine style pants. As you can see, the choice of footwear will always be critical, and almost everyone takes them with feminine style high heels, but we have also seen wide-heeled boots and flat shoes.

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