Floral leggings: learn to combine it!

We can not deny: they are fashionable. And above all, they are a must have promises to keep since this April month until they reach high heat. What do we mean? Of course, the leggings with floral print.

floral leggings

Long ago, it seemed to us that they were taken from another era, which were typical of the 1990s, and gave us the feeling to be doing sport. However, nothing is further from reality, they have now become absolute trend that we can use when we go to work in the spring to the summer months when it is cooler in the morning, and also for a special occasion. If you’ve finally dared to buy some floral leggings but do not know how to combine them, then we give you the keys:

To begin, it is important that this piece is an absolute star of your outfit, so if you’re planning to include other types of prints, it may be too much for this time. Thus, if the predominant color is one that has a strong flash, you can bet on a nice white blouse that is as steamy enough for the pants stand out at all times. Moreover, you can also think about putting a shirt that reaches above the thighs, and include a belt will give you that unique style of the spring.

What the best? Anything goes within footwear. A few wedges for when finally the time give us a truce, sandals for summer, sports if we want to be comfortable with a casual air, and heels if we break the night with good peep toes. Most importantly, we feel satisfied with them and we decide to wear flowers at all times.

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