The era of baggy pants

We have long lived the dictatorship, to call it somehow, skinny jeans, jeggings and others, i.e., extremely tight pants. Summer always gives a truce, and the legacy of the baggy pants.

baggy pants

Again, with the arrival of spring, summer, sun and heat, renew some trends such as pants, past the opaque and dark winter colors and their hardships, to opt for a much more fluid, fresh, wide and comfortable, yes, precious fabrics with prints.

The baggy and fluid pants, usually medium or high waist, are called palazzo pants, the original name and perfect for this type of clothing.

The good thing about this piece is that usually sit at all well, because as wide favor all types of women, highlighting our potential.

In addition, there are different textures, so be it clothes to get ready for a night out or to go out for the day, to eat, to buy, that is, very versatile clothing.

This type of XL pants is the most original, and with them, all combinations are possible. This summer, to give the spot, grab some ethnic or sailor striped pattern, it’ll be the best dressed.

You know, and say goodbye to the hardships and wear palazzo pants this summer, with the best patterns and combinations to always be perfect.

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