Midi pants, yes or no?

It is undeniable: the midi long is the feeling of the season. A few months ago, it seemed unthinkable to put a skirt or dress with long below the knee.

midi pants

However, almost in the middle of the summer has become a unique style that will make us not readily forget the style of 50 years that create the most romantic looks of the moment. But beyond the dresses, skirts and everything that has to do with this type of clothing, pants suddenly arrive. Do we dare to them?

The premise is that they often have a long indeed midi, below the knee, which a priori may think that not just stretches our figure, but can do the opposite if we try to combine it with good heels. In terms of shape and tissue, is generally the same way as the other items, that is, steaming, not tight or close to the body.

This gives us the clue that pants are not responsible or pirates that took a few years ago, but it gives the sophistication that can only get this kind of style of the mid-twentieth century.

How can we combine? Like other types of clothing, it is a matter of little imagination. It is best to not think of a flat shoe if we are very petite, as this can help us to look even shorter. Therefore, it is time to think about some heels or peep-toes, wedges or any type of shoe that can give us a few extra inches. As for the top, in order to make the pants is the protagonist; it would be advisable to go for too gauzy blouses.

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