Know the height of your heels

Surely you’ve wondered that have special shoes with heels that both women love. Undoubtedly footwear structure, design and color play a very important role when purchasing a pair of shoes. Many people consider that heels are a tool, whether to go to work, attend a party or steal a few glances. Men and women relate the heels to the femininity that a girl permeates her style at the moment of walking and do the famous “clap, clap”.

height of heels

We know that every day the footwear industry evolves and therefore the famous heels may be found in countless presentations. When choosing a pair of heels one of the main factors to consider is the height of heels. There is also a need to define what activities are going to use our shoes because the heel will not be the same to leave the field to go to a job interview.

Here share some tips about the height of heels, and thus will be much easier to know our footwear and to do the best choice.

  1. The 3 cm and 5 cm, 6 cm heels are in the group of low or small.
  2. If the heels reach a measure between 7 cm, 8 cm and 9 cm will be the group of medium.
  3. For women who are seeking very high heels will measure 10 cm onwards.
  4. Between more width to be a heel your step will be easier and you will be able to walk more comfortably.
  5. High heels can have a platform at the front, this helps you to take a firmer step and do not get tired so easily.
  6. With the heels you achieve a much more stylized figure, and that are committed to lengthen your legs.

It is very important that you know the size of the heel that you want to use to avoid to feel much tired when you use your shoes. Although in most cases the vanity earns you to comfort, provided some nice high heel shoes no matter the size will always offer to you safety and will accompany you in your daily life.

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