How to Make Sure the Sandals You Choose Fit Your Feet as Perfectly as Possible

When you buy a pair of shoes, you want to make sure that you are not just getting good value for your money, but you want to make sure that your shoes fit you comfortably.

choosing right fit

In fact, for many shoe buyers, price is only secondary to comfort. If you find the right pair – a pair that moulds perfectly to your feet – then you will probably add more importance to that than how much they cost. But when buying sandals, how do you know that they are the right fit? How can you make sure the sandals you choose fit your feet as perfectly as possible? Here’s your ultimate guide.

The importance of choosing the right fit

Many people buy a pair of sandals without thinking too much about the proper fit; as long as our feet are well within the boundaries of the shoe, then it’s all good, right? Well, not quite. If you choose sandals that are a size too small, then your feet will look strained and crammed into the sandals. But they will not only look strained – they will feel strained as well.

You will know that a pair is too small for you if they cause discomfort and pain, and they may even end up causing damage to the delicate skin of your feet. It’s not just an improper fit that can cause this, either – it can also be caused by sandals that don’t offer enough stability, shock absorbency, and support. On the other hand, if the sandals are too big, you are at risk of tripping over your feet, and you can get blisters as well.

You will know if your sandals fit if your entire foot is supported by the sandal’s sole, as confirmed by well-known leather Jesus sandals suppliers like If your heels or toes are hanging out, then the sandals are too small. The sandals you choose shouldn’t move around too much, either, and there should be enough distance from the sole’s edge to your foot’s edge so the sandals can stay in their place while you are walking around.

How to make your sandals fit much better on your feet

If you have bought a pair of sandals and they are not as comfortable as when you first wore them or they cause you discomfort, there are certain remedies for this.

If they are too small

If the sandals are too small and tight, you can stretch them a little bit. You can do this by wearing your sandals around your house, along with thick socks. You can also purchase ‘shoe stretchers’ which may do the job as well.

If they are too big

If the sandals are too big, you can make use of insoles or heel grips, which you can buy from shops, and you can purchase shoe fillers as well. If your sandals are meant to be for the summer, meaning they are completely open, you can opt for ball-of-foot cushions.

For better support for the arches

Arch support is also important because if the sandals don’t offer enough support for the arches, this can lead to backache, muscle fatigue, and cramping of the arches. While many sandals don’t really provide much arch support, you can still go for those with stronger and thicker soles and a sturdier design, such as strappy ones.

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