Keys of the ‘lady’ style

Is there anything more feminine than a dress with flight, good heels and a handbag? Probably whenever we wear in this way it gives the feeling of going very arranged, elegant and above all, exploiting every facet of our women. This style has a name and is considered a lady. Before, those who wore as well for all aspects of his life deemed them high society, since they had a capacity of donning that went beyond what others wanted to be.

lady style

However, today the lady outfits are more fashionable than ever, and we all want to feel princesses from time to time. If you enchant such outfits but you run out of ideas for combining them, we leave a number of keys that can not miss.

To begin with, whenever you have a flight dress by hand, you can feel a real lady. Often the secret is not in the shoes, as the own downfall dress in question does everything. You can be a lady with dancers or even sports; the latest in this first idea is in the skirt.

If you want to be a real rock lady, then bet on the heels and a pencil skirt. To give her the rock point that calls out any hyper feminine styling, but will remain a real lady.

On the other hand, you can also get this style so nice and generator of this aspect of fashion with pants. The important thing is that they “dress” that is, you do not pass the boyfriend pants, for example. That are carved, fair enough that your figure is perfectly marked. Combine them with portfolio in hand, blouse, chiffon, and succeed!

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