‘Outfits’ to go to concert

With good weather, the arrival of spring, heat and weeks ahead, it is logical that we are starting to make plans that have to do with the overall holiday and summer in particular. To further the ideas of beach, relaxation, total disconnect and always keep in mind another type of plans for the weeks that we have free. These are, of course, the musical events. Who is not pointing to a concert in warm weather? If this is your case, since we give you some types of looks that you can look at these times.

concert outfits

If you go to a festival, you cannot forget your boots. Yes, it is true that it will be hot, but you also know that the places usually have an environment that is appreciated to carry them. You can wear shorts and plaid shirt in the style of Kate Moss or Sienna Miller.

Attach it to your most special hat and sunglasses and you will be one more than the celebs walking in summer for the Coachella festival. If you also want your styling concerned you have those hippies touches that we all love to wear this kind of moments. How do I get it? Very simple: a fringed vest, short t-shirts, crop tops…

But if you’re not a meat festival and yours are rock concerts, the idea is clear. Whatever the weather, bet all the total black. Ideally, one of your clothes had leather as the protagonist of the main material. I.e., a jacket or pants would be perfect. For the shirt, nothing like the group you want to visit – you can customize if it’s not to your liking, and boots, long boots.

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