Key style: How to dress for success in New Year

End of year is one of the most special days of the year. If we are lucky and must attend a party of end of year, we need to know some key style to succeed in a special date. In these celebrations we must seize to go out and buy a bright dress, either gold or silver or with many sequins. It is a special day so it can dare with all kinds of looks and flashy clothes.

dress for new year

For the entrance of the 2016 short skirts and dresses so that we can begin to remove all kinds of stockings for this day. There are so many dresses to choose which often leads to saturation and overwhelmed when go find our perfect dress. We want that to go out perfect and that we do not get tired at the time of looking for wardrobe and therefore will leave some key style to succeed:

  • Enhances the hips and defines the waist. To do this we may elect a blouse accompanied with a tube or “pencil” style skirt in the same tone of the blouse or dark in tone.
  • Power your weapons of seduction. For the most seductive of the night will be able to choose the typical strapless dresses or with one shoulder to the air. Opt for a high-heeled shoes with a bright or golden touch that help you divert some attention from your shoulders.
  • Dare. If you want to stand out and do not have any qualms about being the center of attention, opt for the sequins and bright dresses. Blouses with flashy jewels, leggings metallic grey or transparent shirts with small bright bras will make you be the prom queen.
  • Hide the hips. It is important that you know your body, and if you have wide hips will have to be able to disguise them with some tricks. Do not recommend tube or tight pants, so take advantage of to wear midi dresses or a stylish jacket – elegant pants.
  • The star touch. For this special day it will be time to look for accessories and the showiest and original complements. Silver, gold, large and small that both combined with light and dark colors. Don’t forget makeup will give you the final touch to go perfect, so take advantage of with the glitter and the brilliant thrones.

No doubt you are going to succeed in the new year!

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