A thousand ways to wear a belt

That supplements being the real stars of this season is nothing new but the belts are emerging as an excellent supplement that it is. And, this winter, surprisingly belts will be essential to complement any of our outfits and give a touch of elegance and distinction that need.

ways to wear belt

In addition, designers know this and for this reason no longer included in all gateways to teach the thousand and one ways to wear this so basic and essential complement.

Braided belt: Braids are not only carried as hairstyle, also triumph in our waists! Many designers offer us bring this type of belts, in cheerful and eye-catching tones, boho chic outfits. And the braided belts are perfect for wearing on any winter look because they are able to cheer and transform.

Neckline belt: The latest fashion belts are those that have neckline shaped. And there is nothing more trendy to wear a thin and discreet belt, the style of a neckline, a golden color and decorated with necklaces.

Loop belt: This type of belt is nothing more than a piece of cloth roll in our waist and will knot with big bow to give a feminine touch and chic our look. The designers propose this type of belts in a set of skirt and blouse but can always innovate!

ways to wear belt

In short, this season, the belt is done up is more obligatory than ever. For this reason, dare to wear any of these belts in our looks, either to cut a dress down the middle, over a blazer to cinch it at the waist, above a XXL sweater or over a coat. The belts will make our outfits in the most chic of the moment!

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