5 Items Every Girl Needs In Her Handbag

It doesn’t matter what age you are; there are certain items that every woman should always have on their person at all times. What good is that gorgeous slouchy bag you bought for summer if it’s not loaded with everything you need? While you may be able to get rid of those ancient receipts and old protein bar wrappers, there are certain handbag essentials you simply shouldn’t be without. Make sure you have these on you every day and you’ll always be covered.

every girl needs

A gorgeous wallet

If there’s an item you should consider investing in, make it a beautiful wallet. After all, this is probably the possession you carry around with you the most frequently and have to look at every day – so make sure it’s one you really love. A soft, simple leather wallet in a muted colour that matches any handbag is perfect for holding onto your notes, while a stylish aluminium secrid card protector is perfect for securing your bank cards and business cards while ensuring they don’t get scanned.


This one may not apply to those chilly winter months, but as soon as spring rocks up you better be packing a decent SPF in that bag on a daily basis if you want to keep that smooth complexion going strong as you age. If you have a smaller bag, it may be a bit awkward to carry a full-size bottle of sunscreen with you everywhere, but you can easily carry a cute travel-sized sunscreen in your purse to top up whenever you find yourself hanging out outside without protection.

Sanitary items

We don’t need to say much here, except that you just never know when a feminine emergency could strike. Even if you believe that you’re regular as clockwork when it comes to your cycle and would never need a tampon outside of the dates you’ve carefully noted on your period tracking app, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Plus, this means you can help another girl out in those awkward moments when they’re caught by surprise.

A beautiful nude lipstick

You don’t have to carry your entire makeup bag around with you to feel pretty throughout the day – that would be overkill (though by all means, if you have a massive bag and it makes you happy, go for it). However, lipstick is one of those tricky things that tend to need topping up throughout the day to keep your look intact. Make sure you always have your favourite, goes-with-everything shade hanging out in your handbag to slick on if you want to instantly feel that little bit prettier.

A compact mirror

We’re not saying you need to constantly check your appearance, but it’s nice to know that you have a handy little pocket-sized mirror with you at all times to check that everything is still where it should be before you head into an important meeting or arrive at the bar to meet your date. Bonus points if your compact is attached to a sheer, matte powder that you can brush over any oily areas to keep your makeup looking fresh throughout the day. If you’ve got lipstick, it also means you can apply it on the go without making a huge mess.

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