Ten tips to your look with cap

Today we wanted to collect some ideas to help you create your own outfits with an accessory that we love: the cap.

The caps are accessories that are far from being restricted to purely sporting attire, its work great for “casuals” looks, in sexiest outfits and of course more rockers looks that are growing in popularity. Here we give some tips to consider from Hatstore:

look with cap

  1. To complement a look taken care with a sports cap of the same color will not be too casual when combined with an elegant and classic outfit.
  2. For more sober looks must think of plain color caps such as black or gray. Very “chic”!
  3. For girls, one of the most feminine looks is to wear the cap with shoes or boots with long heels. If in addition we complement with other accessories we are always able to go very “sexy”.
  4. In the case of boys the cap gives a casual touch and promotes a youthful look. New discrete lines give a touch of elegance, personality and style.
  5. An alternative that we love is to take the cap with skirt. It is bold and different but you will love the result.
  6. Another good option to ensure that the look is not very sporty is to change the shoes by flat shoes.
  7. Although as we said cap is not an accessory that is restricted to a sporty outfit, combined with sneakers … A most trendy look!
  8. If you want a look full of energy and vitality used caps in bright colors and combine garments in primary colors.
  9. The rocker look is a trend that is becoming harder, add a cap to this kind of looks gives a very personal touch.
  10. The baseball caps despite what you could think it keeps on being a perfect complement for the urban looks. Colors and patterns depend on just how comfortable you feel.

It is clear that the caps are not only an accessory and must now more than ever present in our closets.

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