Maternity Trends: For mothers with style

If you are expecting to give birth and do not want to lose your style do not think that you are in Mission Impossible next to Tom Cruise. This holiday enjoy like never before and takes advantage of the beauty that you uninitiated in this period to take advantage of. There are many fashion trends in this winter: the metal flashing, the transparencies or lace does not have to resist a pregnancy. If they were great in their day, you can too.

maternity trends

Our first advice is does not try to disguise your kilos more or less the belly. It’s time to show off and show the world how lucky you are, do not let that gives a complex to your figure. Notice how actresses and singers on the red carpet do. They opt for long dresses which stick to the waist and show how big her belly is.

However, if the long waisted dresses are too formal for your tastes or not you feel comfortable with them, the more casual looks back to stay. The street style of the fashion weeks left in the sight of all maternity of most interesting outfits. Miroslava Duma is a leader in the fashion establishment and for premom it should be even more due to her recent pregnancy.

maternity trends

Use waist midi dress which are loose and combine them with leather jackets or maxi coats. Do not hesitate to use sneakers if your feet need it. That thing about that a garment does not combine with the sneakers is a myth. Even so, your winning look for the holidays is perhaps the classic trio consisting of a blazer, shirt and jeans.

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