The bucket hat

If a garment is ready to reign in the street style, that’s the bucket hat. Perhaps many of us think that it is a garment that long ago that we saw on the street, especially during the spring and summer. But now manufacturers want this hat as 90s even in winter.

bucket hat

There are many celebrities who have chosen this unsightly hat, especially for their more casual looks. Go to the airport to catch a plane for many hours ago some famous bet on comfortable outfits, like Demi Moore. The ‘Ghost’ actress has embraced fashion with bucket hat. It is a garment that is associated with the culture of hip-hop in the 90’s, and there are many brands that have wanted to re-design this garment to adapt to the trends of the moment and the time of year.

But if there is a famous seems to have taken hold of this garment in the street style that is Rihanna. The singer from Barbados boasts a large and varied collection of this garment. Whether in dark tones, denim or in print and camouflage, is one of the indisputable clothes of the style of the singer.

bucket hat

The bucket hat has become one of the items of the season, and this way the big designers and the famous ones say it. Furthermore, low cost stores like H&M and ASOS, you can find this garment in different colors and prints. In addition, thicker materials – ideal for the cold season – make the bucket hat becomes a star garment for the whole year.

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