Pink color: Dress like our celebrities

It is a color that we love and comeback this season. We speak of the rose in all its varieties: more muted, pastel, nude or gum, this color is the most of the season. Attentive!

Pink is a very feminine color: highlights the attributes of women and a touch of color highlights the facial features. Some say that pink is the color that favors women: and we totally agree.

celebrities with pink

The famous cannot resist this color trend. One of the latest to join is Reese Witherspoon, who attended the premiere of ‘Inherent Vice’ with a straight light pink dress. If you are more adventurous and want to denote color, do as Emma Roberts in the parade of Valentino in New York. An intense and very feminine, full of vitality and strength rose. The singer Rihanna bet by pastel, a shade that enhances her exotic beauty of Barbados.

But the famous declared unconditional fan of pink is undoubtedly, Jennifer Lopez. The singer has long since surrendered to the power of pink, and it’s no wonder. It feel terrific, especially the outfits in bold pink, and looks in pastel pink will bring sophistication, especially with supplements, essential in the wardrobe of every woman. We have fallen in love with the glasses to match the set that Jennifer led by New York a few months ago. It’s divine!

celebrities with pink

Another trend that pink is imposed is the makeup. The lipsticks in dark pink are a classic, but why not daring with fluorine? Cara Delevingne combines that hue with a very marked and perfect eyeliner, accentuating the look and shape of the lips.

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