Fashion Idols

The amazing looks of Emma Stone at the premiere of Woody Allen

amazing looks of Emma Stone

Versatile actress and activist for the cause of feminism, Emma Stone sweeps wherever she goes. Her latest release is magic in the light of the moon, the new Woody Allen, set in the crazy twenties. The styling of stone in the film is spectacular! The 20s were a decade of dreams and innocence, characterized by pleated dresses, dot cardigans and ...

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Katy Perry designs jewelry

Katy Perry

The well known and wonderful singer has taken another step in her multifaceted career, having released some perfumes, launches with jewelry design, parts that won’t leave anyone indifferent. Katy Perry is one of the most famous singers worldwide, her powerful voice and spectacular physicist makes it a magnet for fashion houses, beauty, cosmetics, … But now it is she who ...

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The grill teeth of the famous

grill teeth

We hope and wish that this new trend that has already begun to shine some famous bring a grill on their teeth becomes fashionable not horror! Surely you’ve seen more than one famous case a kind of fashion in the teeth. Well, it is known as grill and everything points to what is becoming a buzzword by the amount of ...

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How to wear jeans? Celebs inspire you

wear jeans

Jeans have become one of the essential basics of the spring season. We are inspired by the outfits of the famous for autumn. The jeans, which have been stored in the closet during the summer months, peep again is that these jeans are timeless pieces that allow us to successfully survive the months of halftime. As you say goodbye to ...

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Preppy Ponytail: The ponytail more polished!

preppy ponytail

With the arrival of the summer, the ponytails are high and uninhabited to add a note of freshness to our look. However, if there is a ponytail that never goes out of fashion whatever the time of the year in which we find ourselves, this is the classic polished ponytail. Attentive, because the preppy hairstyle is going more strong. Are ...

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Wild Basics

Wild Basics

The animal print, the combination of fabrics and silver accents make the look of the week. What do you think of our choice? Spring and temporal instability bring us more of a headache. The famous phrase What should I wear today? It becomes a constant every morning when a window opens. However, with the change of season, and although the ...

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Miranda Kerr: Keys of her looks!

Miranda Kerr

It is one of the most recognized top models on catwalks around the world. Her gentleness and sympathy are reflected in fresh, casual styling that makes it one of the stylish girls of the moment. So then dismantle the style of Miranda Kerr to learn what her tricks of fashion and copy her looks. Ready? 3, 2, 1 … started! ...

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Emerald green: The color to start the year!

emerald green

This is what you get with the color scale ever put on the looks of the celebrities: emerald green. Freshness, joy and a touch of romance are the keys that will make your outfit the best option to shine in the new season. A color is attacking both in clothing as in garments and accessories. Although we are in winter, ...

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Velvety; join the club!


It’s cool, practical, entertains us in winter, and can boast of being one of the few textures that agree to all styles. It is velvet, and this season comes to slip (again) in our closet. Black, gray, emerald, cherry and, with the help of Topshop and its eclectic shoes, fuchsia. No color will resists to the texture more sweet and ...

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Beauty Secrets of Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger the German model and actress, confessed her beauty secrets. She says the key to look a beautiful face is sleep. With 35 years of age she confesses the weapons she used in her day to day. As well, admits to having a beauty regimen simple, although it can sometimes be very difficult to maintain, especially when shooting one ...

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