8 rules that English royalty always follows to dress

It is not new that royalty should follow a series of etiquette and dress protocols, and they should dress according to the social calendar. But in addition, they follow their own fashion rules in relation to their looks.

Constantly photographed and analyzed, members of royalty, such as the Duchess of Cambridge, receive help from their stylists and have style rules that always follow…

use of strong colors

1. Use of strong colors

If you observed the England Queen several times, no doubt you’ve noticed her choice of strong and bold colors. But far from being a fashion preference, the goal is to ensure that members of the public can see through the crowd.

use of tiaras

2. Use of tiaras for special occasions

The use of tiaras is reserved for married women or members of the royal family, so Kate Middleton began using them after their wedding.

According to the experts, the tiaras began to be used in formal events because the hats are not worn inside after six in the afternoon. The tiara was a sign of status and showed that the woman was married.

collection of hats

3. A large collection of hats

If something has the real family (besides a lot of money) is to be able to wear amazing hats throughout the year. This is because until the 1950s, exhibiting hair in public was not possible for women of the nobility.

Today, hats are reserved for formal events from religious services to weddings.

queen with gloves

4. The queen does not come out without gloves

If you have carefully observed the Queen of England in her public outings, in addition to the choice of bright colors, surely you will have noticed that she almost never goes out without her gloves.

What is the reason? It seems that to avoid coughs and colds by shaking hands with the public. And in the case of younger members, they do not usually use them unless it’s really cold.

importance of uniforms

5. The importance of uniforms

As for men, it is not uncommon to see Prince Harry or William wearing their uniforms. The reason? The brothers, who have served in the armed forces, use them to represent their regiments. And even William wore the uniform at his wedding and it is believed that Harry will do the same.

duchess of cambridge with clutch

6. The clutch is a great accessory

The clutch is one of the favorite accessories of royalty, especially the Duchess of Cambridge. With different styles and colors, usually, combine them with their dresses and costumes. It is a practical, elegant and more comfortable choice when greeting people.

7. The casual look is never simple

When they have to dress for casual events, they must also follow a protocol. For example, women may wear a day dress or pants with a jacket, and men a shirt with a blazer.

english royalty casual look

When it comes to something more casual, men of royalty wear Polo shirts and dark jeans, while women always have modest and classic looks.

8. They cannot vary from enamels

Believe it or not, the Queen of England has used the same color of nail polish for 28 years. It is also rumored that the Duchesse of Cambridge must always leave her nails without enamel.

Many things are required as part of the label and others are incorporated as part of the style of each member of royalty, following a sophisticated line and according to each event.

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