12 tips to make your leather bag last forever

Keeping leather shoulder bag with proper maintenance is important, as it helps to extend your time of use and show off in perfect condition.

leather bag last forever

You have done it: you have saved for a long time or you have been lucky to have been given that bag with which you have been dreaming for so long. A luxury bag and great quality made in leather that has become your favorite and that you do not intend to separate at any time.

So far so good. The question is whether you know exactly how you should take care of it, the right way to keep it at home or what kind of cleaning you should give it if – hopefully it does not happen – the skin is stained. All this will influence its appearance, making it look careless or spoiled, and even in the time in which you can enjoy it. And what we want is to keep it in perfect condition as long as possible. With these tips leather bag will look perfect:

  1. Always wrap it in a case when you go to store it. Quality bags are usually accompanied by one when you buy them, but if not, make one yourself with white cotton fabric.
  2. If you are going to have your bag stored for a long time, fill it up so it does not deform. Use onion paper, not magazine or newspaper, as the ink could be transferred to the inside of the bag.
  3. Never leave it exposed to sunlight, as it will suffer the risk of the color disappearing. Store it protected from light and moisture in a dry place.
  4. Do not stack them on top of each other. Ordinate them so that they retain their orgininal shape, without bending them.
  5. For the daily cleaning of your bag, do not use any product. Use a dry, white cotton cloth and wipe the surface carefully.
  6. If it rains – or some inconsiderate drop a liquid on it – you just have to dry it with a white cotton cloth. Do not even think about using the dryer!
  7. Speaking of spilled liquids, be especially careful with alcohol- be it a perfume or drink-since if a drop falls on the bag, it will stain it.
  8. In case you lose its softness and you want to apply a product to recover it, use a specific one for the task that does not contain silicones or petroleum – or derivatives.
  9. It is recommended to moisturize once or twice a year so that the leather does not spoil. Use a product indicated for it – many firms sell them, although some recommend doing it using the classic Nivea cream.
  10. Do you carry the cosmetics in your bag? Put them in a vanity case, as this will prevent them from opening accidentally and damaging the interior.
  11. Be careful with the weight, that is, with the things you put in your bag. If it is heavily loaded and you carry it in your hand, the handles may be damaged.
  12. Never touch it with dirty hands or with excess of any type of product in them. Make sure to keep them always clean to avoid staining.

Special mention deserves exotic leather bags, such as ostrich, crocodile or snake. These accessories, which for their quality are the best example of artisanal luxury, must be taken care of in an even more special way. If you have one, you know that all care is little for this jewel, so do not get distracted by its maintenance.

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